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What to see in Mugello

Mugello, a land to explore

Mugello is a large valley, located north of Florence, which develops along the course of the Sieve river in correspondence of an ancient lake of marine origin. The actual Mugello area is well bounded on three sides (north, south and west) by the Apennines and other reliefs such as Monte Giovi, Monte Senario and Vetta le Croci. The eastern boundary, on the other hand, is less clear-cut but is conventionally identified with the area in which Dicomano stands. In addition to this area, there is also the Firenzuola basin, situated beyond the Apennine ridge, which is often referred to as Alto Mugello.

From a landscape point of view, Mugello is characterised by a rather varied territory that changes rapidly from the plains of the valley floor to the ridges of the mountain complexes. Since the end of the 20th century, the Mugello landscape has been enriched by a new element, the Bilancino Lake, a large artificial reservoir created to regulate the flow of the Sieve and guarantee water supply to the Florentine area.

In the surrounding area there is no shortage of mythical places to discover. Villages such as Sant’agata, rich in ancient traditions dating back to the Middle Ages, will welcome you with simplicity and friendliness. Scarperia and San Piero, with its Palazzo dei Vicari, offers many cultural activities. Borgo San Lorenzo remains the nerve centre.


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Osteriola Di Baldi Matteo

Via di Montaccianico 1
50038 Sant’Agata (FI)

Tel. : +39 055 840 6925

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Meeting and recovery point for tired walkers

Ristorante DU-CA

Via Giotto 2
50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)

Tel. : +39 055 8456733
Cell +39 333 244 07 70

ristoranteduca (at) gmail.com
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Our opinion : restaurant with a good quality/price ratio

Bahia Café

Via Gastone Nencini
50031 Barberino di Mugello FI, Italie

Tel. : +39 338 39 27 974

info (at) bahiacafe.com
Web Site

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Rustico

Piazza G. Garibaldi 2
50038 Scarperia e San Pierro (FI)

Tel. :  +39 055 8469992

ristorante‑rustico (at) hotmail.it

Web Site

Our opinion : good value for money and good fish

Borgo San Lorenzo






Barberino di Mugello






Commune de Vicchio






Palazzo dei Vicari